Ben Edmonds

Advisor & Consultant | We Sort.

We Sort ~ Helping folk do their work.

Through operations experience and digital expertise, we help others do their work.

The ‘we’ in We Sort relates to the collaborative nature of our work. ‘We’ is actually just Ben.

— Small Business Development
We Sort specialises  in helping small businesses figure out and reach their goals.

That could mean getting a new product into production, or transitioning from a one-person outfit into an organisation with three, ten or 20 employees.

— Web Consultant
The web is a pretty wonderful thing.

Knowing how to leverage it for your benefit is a crucial step in optimising your business. We offer guidance, project management and development on websites and admin workflows, all underpinned by user experience and quality assurance standards.

— Micro-Business Advocate
Businesses with fewer than ten employees do brilliant and interesting things.

As the foundation of stable, vibrant communities, ‘small’ is where almost every business starts. However, due to the size of micro-businesses, and because they often lack collective organisation (compared to SMEs and corporations), their unique characteristics are rarely catered for.

We champion the benefits of micro-businesses to clients while supporting the needs of both parties.